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This is the official page for my BlueBell and  ButterCup range of Paper Dolls.   I will be adding to this collection frequently as I create more clothing, accessories and dolls for purchase and download.

BlueBell and ButterCup are little girls, but they are also best friends and paper dolls.   They don't always see eye to eye, but they always have fun, no matter what.

First the boring stuff
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 Now  . . . "Let's Play!"

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BlueBell is a sweet little girl  with pretty brown pigtails that cause all of the other girls to swoon.  She is a lover of the frilly and the unusual, and loves to bake, especially mud pies. 

This set includes BlueBell herself along with her school uniform (a must for smart little British girls) and 5 other outfits.  The size of the finished product is A4 size.  (approximately 11.69 inches by 8.27 inches)  Convo me if you would like a different size.  

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ButterCup is BlueBell's  bestest friend in the whole world.   They may not always see eye to eye in all things, but they quite happily accept that we are not all alike.   ButterCup is a red head and like most red heads, she can sometimes stamp her feet and growl at you if you are not doing things "proper-like!"  A lover of art and tea parties and dolls, you may never find her baking mud pies . . . but she is quite happy to bake you a tray of tea cakes or cookies, which she just loves to eat and wash down with lashings of GingerBeer or Cream Soda.  She may lose her temper from time to time . . . but she will always be the most loyal and dearest friend you could ever want to have.

This set includes ButterCup along with her school uniform (she can be a tad on the sloppy side when it comes to this) along with five other outfits ranging from the very frilly to the fun to play in. The size of the finished product is A4 size.  (approximately 11.69 inches by 8.27 inches)  Convo me if you would like a different size.  

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This is the first sheet of additional clothing which I have designed to fit both BlueBell and Buttercup.  Included are two pant outfits, one for summer and one for special occasions,  two nice dresses for the spring and summer, a definite party outfit, a smart outfit for every day and two hats and matching purses.

 The size of the finished product is A4 size.  (approximately 11.69 inches by 8.27 inches)  Convo me if you would like a different size. 

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Rose Marie is just an old fashioned girl, who is also a paper doll.  As you can see she is very fond of colour, and frills, be it winter or summer.

She likes gardens and horses  and puppy dogs.  Dependable and always eager to muck in and get her hands dirty when the going gets rough.  She is also rather fond of bread and jam . . . and  cherry cakes.

All files can now be downloaded by instant download in my Etsy Shop.

Here is the link to the shop:

BlueBell, ButterCup and I thank you ever so much for looking!
Have a scrumdiddly day! 

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